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in-home services for the elderly in Kolkata, Delhi & Gurgaon
Mar 30, 15


With the growing population of elderly people, home care services have become a preferred solution for many a family. With the seniors wishing to live in the comfort and familiarity of their homes having the loved ones by their side, home healthcare services have become very popular in the recent years. Home serves as the cocoon of comfort for the senesced with proper home care assistance and living facilities. Deep Probeen Porisheba or DPP India take care for senesced from the convenience of home. Taking care of elderly parents has become easier with all responsibilities transferred to the professional caregivers of DPP.
Full-time home care services has enabled the elderly to stay in the comfort of home with all their favorite belongings, rooms and surroundings like the favorite sofa of your mom, the backyard garden where she planted trees with her own hands, the study room where your parents love to read and study, the kitchen and the morning tea. Moreover the elderly will also be able to receive guests and entertain friends and relatives from home.
 Today with the availability of homecare services the senior people will no longer have the necessity to move to an old age home or a nursing home when they will be unable to manage alone or need some intensive care. DPP India offers various   types of home care assistance covering a wide variety of services from basic assistance and daily living to health care for seniors, nursing facilities and medical benefits.
Our professional caregivers will treat the elderly people with due care and respect. They will provide companionship to the elderly people in times of loneliness. They will chat and socialize with the elderly people and keep them busy by reading books and newspaper to them. They will also assist the elderly people for going outside like morning walk, friends’ place, bank, post office and saloon. They will nurse them, maintain their diet schedule and assist them during the time of bathing and eating.
Our expert panel of doctors and support staffs will take complete health care of the senior citizens. They will pay monthly house visits and conduct health monitoring services. DPP also offers quarterly Geriatric consultation, physiotherapy treatments and psychological counseling. DPP has also affiliated with major hospitals in the city for medical emergencies and treatments. They are also attached to several diagnostic centers that perform all kinds of diagnostic testing and home sample gathering. With DPP, your loved people will get complete care and supervision much needed for the twilight years.