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in-home services for the elderly in Kolkata, Delhi & Gurgaon
Mar 30, 15


The job of finding the right care provider for your aged parents for the very first time can appear to be a mammoth task. You will have no idea how to get started with the search and ways to make the searching process easier. It becomes very tough to compare various senior home care services using logic as well as compassion, so that you may rest assured financially as well as mentally.
Citing the Elderly’s Needs:
Although, it may initially seem to be very cold of you to look out for a professional service provider to look after your aging parents, but you cannot leave your loved ones with some one who cannot fully understand their needs. Since you will be paying for the service, you will have to deal with the situation in a more logical way. Start with preparing lists that will include the following:
Daily Requirements:
The first list should contain the daily needs of the person to be taken care of. It is your duty to ensure that the basic requirements are in more quantity than necessary.
Emotional Concerns:
The next list needs to cite the elderly member’s emotional concerns. It should also focus on your entire family’s emotional demands. This will help the professional service provider for helping the elderly, to meet and exceed the demands. The list could include the following:
  • Talk with the concerned elderly member and find out the exact requirements as well as preferences- if they desire to stay at home with someone to help them run errands.
  • Is it going to help them if nurses, ‘in-health’ health professionals, physical therapists and nutritionists visit them at home?
  • Do they want to take part in the ‘senior-assisted’ living community which provides daily assistance as well as community growth along with other elderly members?
Areas of Self-Independence:
Find out and make a list of all those areas in which the concerned elderly member does not require assistance in any form. Allow your loved ones to stay accomplished in these independent areas so that their self-esteem and confidence are boosted.
Areas of Dependence:
Next, make a list of all those areas in which the elderly family member will need assistance on a temporary or permanent basis. The areas may cover:
  • Being taken to health-related appointments
  • Running or driving errands
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Assistance in remembering to consume medicines, appropriate dosages, appointments and dates
  • Strenuous activity or household works involving heavy lifts
As soon as the lists are prepared, hold meetings with various caregivers and find out which of them will meet your elderly family member’s exact requisitions. This will give you mental peace as well as satisfaction that the concerned elderly is getting the desired care and attention.
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