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in-home services for the elderly in Kolkata, Delhi & Gurgaon
Mar 30, 15


Traveling by any means is a physical torture for humans, especially for the elderly who suffer with medical conditions or simply do not have the energy to endure journey exhaustion. Although, flying has reduced the duration of traveling, certain guidelines for the care of elderly people will help travel by air in a more convenient way.
The Booking Precaution:
Booking air tickets for senior citizens comes with many options which include choice of seats, wheelchair request and additional leg room. Any of these requests can be made while booking the tickets through phone call. At the time of requesting for wheelchair, you can ask for attendant assistance at the departure and arrival timings for the comfort of passengers. If your aging father or mother or both do not require something other than a wheelchair, you can request for electric carts. It is also necessary to check with the airlines for portable or mobile oxygen concentrators if required. A few airlines need certain medical forms signed by the consulting physician in such cases.
Help at Airport:
To provide effective respite care for elderly at the airport (in case they are on their own), you should ensure that they carry all the necessary documents including the identity proof that may be required during the journey. Moreover, airlines make provision for elderly people to have escorts between the gates and the landing area, only if the escort has sufficient documents for proving his/her identity. In case there is no one for escorting your parents, you can make a query at the airlines to find out if they can provide any assistance. There are a number of airlines that help the seniors and those that need special assistance.
The Security Check:
Majority of the airports provide specific lanes for passengers who have medical conditions or disabilities to get them to the airplane without having to wait along with other passengers. Your parents have to make queries regarding this facility while they are checking-in.
In case of medications, it will not be necessary for your loved ones to pack them in containers to pass through security check without any issues. However, these medications carried in carry-on bags should be given separately for checking. The liquid medicines that measure more than 3.4 ounces will have to be screened separately. All these necessary precautions will enable your parents to travel safely and comfortably on a plane.
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