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Nov 23, 22

Microsoft Company Portal Not Working

This issue can occur if you add a second verified domain to your Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). Users with the domain`s second User Principal Name (UPN) suffix might not be able to sign in to portals or enroll devices. I don`t have a solution to this problem yet. If you can reproduce this issue, please comment on this post. If I remove the addition of a work or school account in Settings – Accounts – Go to work or school, I can sign in to the Intune company portal. NOTE! – The company portal (website) works well with tenant restrictions. I have a few other articles that may be of interest to you. Learn how to install a Company Portal app on Windows 10 devices. Configure the Intune company portal for Windows 10/11 devices personal Intune enrollment options. After you uninstall the Company Portal from a Windows PC, you can use the following steps to reinstall the Intune Company Portal app on an enrolled Windows device. Of course, as stated above, I have already tried to install the missing framework with a Win32App, but my first attempt failed.

At that time, I just wanted to create a functional fix, but after publishing the blog, I took a closer look at why I lack the Win32app solution. Custom enrollment restriction policy doesn`t work for iOS user enrollment Windows 10 devices receive error messages when the user tries to launch the Company Portal app. The details of the error are given below. Hi @Crystal-MSFT, I`m currently working on a ticket with Azure 365 Team. Will publish the solution as soon as it is available. Thank you – Describe the problem you are experiencing. The company portal collected your logs (diagnostic ID: 2WWEWN) and sent them to Microsoft for troubleshooting. Your description helps us understand what happened and how we can solve the problem. After describing the issue, send this email to your company`s technical support for assistance. The Microsoft Intune Company Portal app helps users find, browse, and install apps provided to them by their organization. If you find that the Intune company portal isn`t working, make sure that the Intune Company Portal app is installed and up-to-date on the device. Of course, this is only aimed at reducing the impact as the company searches for the culprit and a permanent solution to the problem.

If repairing the Company Portal app doesn`t resolve the issue, you can uninstall the Intune Company Portal app from your Windows 10 or 11 PC and then reinstall it from the Microsoft Store. With PowerShell, it only takes two steps to uninstall the Intune Company Portal app from the Windows PC. Start PowerShell as an administrator and run the following command to get information about the Microsoft Company Portal application. As I told you on the blog, we also have other issues with the store`s apps. Start menu wasn`t working and OneDrive couldn`t sign in Apparently, an older version of the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app should be enough to fix the issue where the app isn`t working. Find it here. Well, that`s a strange topic and stick with me! Learn how to fix the Company Portal app sign-in error. This issue applies only to the Intune Company Portal app.

There were no problems accessing the Company Portal website. This issue only applies to Windows 10/11 devices. That struck us as well. It seemed like it was something temporary on MS`s side. After some time, removing the Broken Company Portal app (Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage/DISM) and reinstalling the policy worked as expected (the Engagement infrastructure does not need to be installed separately). Workaround: In the Microsoft 365 admin center, remove special characters from the company name and save the company information. Hi, removing the company portal and waiting for it to be reinstalled is indeed also a good option. But generally, you want it to be fixed automatically.

We decided to upgrade to the online version of the company portal, and after changing and deleting another device, the company portal worked! The offline company portal required during the device ESP gives us some problems You now have the option to share the details with Microsoft using the Onenote file. Get help with the Company Portal app for Windows 10 or Windows 11. Resolve the error connecting to the Company Portal app that was having problems with the AAD authentication proxy. The tenant throttling policy and issues with the company portal are also discussed in this article. However, it will (obviously) say, “You need to add your device before you can install apps.” If you select “Don`t add this device,” the Intune company portal moves to the next page, which displays the My devices, etc. list. With the note “It looks like you need to add this device to be able to install apps”. The Google Play Store review section of the Intune Company Portal app is full of 1-star reviews from angry users demanding answers from Microsoft for an app that`s not working. Let`s go over the next option, and it`s the repair option for the Intune Company Portal app.

If this app is not working properly, you can try to fix it. Company Portal app data is not affected. 5. The Company Portal app is now repaired in the background. During the repair process, the user does not have access to the Company Portal app. When the Intune Company Portal app repairs successfully, a check mark appears next to the Repair button. The Company Portal app can now be launched, and hopefully the issues with the app are now resolved.