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Nov 23, 22

Msu Business Library Hours

How many specialized business resources and tools does the Guest Business Library subscribe to? The quiz consisted of ten slides with nine multiple-choice questions and went live on October 21, 2021. It was quite successful, receiving a total of 7,683 impressions, with an average of 768 prints per slide. It was amazing for the library and the Broad team. The average number of impressions on a particular Instagram story operated by Broad`s communications team so far was in the hundreds, and there was no engagement near the corporate library`s social media channels. The answers to the quiz questions weren`t as high, but still impressive. The questionnaire received a total of 1,952 responses, with an average of 216 per slide or question. By far the most difficult question was the name of the fabric on the new chairs. Most people thought it was peacock green. The simplest question was whether the library had a quiet study area. Yes! We are open every Saturday from 12pm to 6pm. Here`s a list of all our hours: lib.msu.edu/hours/gast-business-library/ In the end, the Instagram takeover quiz was a huge success.

With relatively little effort, he increased student engagement with the Broad College of Business` Instagram account while increasing awareness of the new corporate library space. A real win-win situation! The number of visitors to the Guest Business Library has also grown steadily and the library`s relationship with the marketing and communications team has been strengthened. Their interest in future projects with the business library remains high due to the success of this first campaign and the doors are open to other collaborations via other channels. Renovating the guest business library was a top priority for several years prior to the pandemic, and in recent years, incremental improvements have been made, primarily through the renovation of the group rooms. In 2020, a lot changed very quickly, and it was decided to close the corporate library to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. Although it was initially a short and temporary closure, the guest business library did not reopen until August 2021. However, instead of maintaining the status quo during this period, MSU`s library management took advantage of the opportunity offered by the closure to renovate the commercial library. A significant investment was made in space, and when the guest business library reopened in the fall of 2021, it was a more convivial space with comfortable seating in different configurations to accommodate the many ways the space is used.

Reserve materials are library items that have been separated from the general collection of MSU libraries to better serve high-demand courses. Articles may include: books, videos, textbooks, e-books, articles, book chapters, journal articles, folders, course materials, etc. There are four specialized librarians, each specialized in a particular field of activity, two professionals and fourteen student assistants to help you with your tasks, projects and presentations. We also created a lounge atmosphere at the front of the library, which included several larger comfortable chairs, a sofa-like unit, and a smaller, more visible shelf for our current magazines. The computer area has been repositioned and new tables (including height-adjustable desks), chairs and short privacy have been added. Which of the following offers can you access online for FREE through the Business Library? Our quiet study area is located in the library atrium (at the rear) and has a number of tiles for individual use. While the Guest Business Library`s social media accounts weren`t active, the Broad College of Business` social media accounts were, and the Broad College`s marketing and communications team often asked for content ideas. We reached out to them to explore the possibility of adopting one of their social media channels for a short awareness campaign in the middle of the fall semester. In the end, we decided to take a takeover quiz on Instagram. Not only could we showcase our new space in this way, but we could also promote our other services, people, and resources – hopefully in a fun and engaging way. The corporate library created the quizzes and provided the graphics and photos, and the marketing and communications team at the Broad College of Business did the rest.

Conveniently located in the center of campus, the MSU Library offers a wide range of library collections and services for students and faculty, including more than 140 public computer stations, printers, scanners, technology-rich group workspaces, and quiet study areas. Knowledgeable and friendly professional librarians and staff provide assistance in the use of collections, access to online information resources, and instructions for individuals and groups. MSU Library collections support teaching, learning, and research at MSU, with a particular focus on agriculture, science, health, and technology. The Business Library subscribes to over sixty specialized databases and tools that provide content you can`t find on a free Google web search.