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Nov 25, 22

Ohio State Student Legal Services

As a non-profit education company, Student Legal Services, Inc. strives to create a legally educated and more conscious student community. To this end, our lawyers conduct various conferences, workshops and seminars every year. In addition, various publications are available at the Student Legal Services, Inc. office to help you understand the law. By informing you of your rights and obligations as a citizen, these programs help you avoid legal problems. Avoiding legal problems through clarification remains our ultimate goal. Students Legal Services, Inc. lawyers are available five days a week to discuss legal matters. Our lawyers provide professional advice in a variety of areas of law, particularly in student matters. Readily available legal advice can help you resolve your legal problem before it becomes a complicated burden.

Our services include advice and advice on all matters of legal interest to the university, contract review, legal workshops and educational programs. The Office of Legal Affairs oversees all litigation, including matters assigned to the Special Counsel appointed by the Attorney General of the State of Ohio. Opt out of Student Legal Services fees and services. Learn more about waiving coverage. Student Legal Services provides affordable legal representation for Wright State University student body. Student Legal Services provides the following services: The Office of Legal Affairs provides legal advice and representation to The Ohio State University, its constituent and affiliated entities, and its directors, officers, staff and student leaders while acting on behalf of the university. Each of the attorneys in the Office of Legal Affairs is appointed Assistant Attorney General of the State of Ohio in addition to their job title. Your participation in Wright State University`s Student Legal Services Program may entitle you to be represented by a student attorney from The Ohio State University, Ohio University, Kent State University, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Toledo in the surrounding courts of those jurisdictions. at its sole discretion and at no additional cost. In misdemeanor cases, our attorneys will defend you in any district court in Montgomery and Greene counties.

Our attorneys may, in our sole discretion, represent you in misdemeanor cases in Clark, Miami and Warren County. Please provide more details on this review of Student Legal Services. The author of this review cannot see this report. For specific tips, search above or browse our legal topics. We offer a variety of resources to guide you through the process. Not one of those people? Try our sister office, Student Legal Services. DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE SLS OFFICES ACROSS THE COUNTRY, WITH FULL ATTORNEYS FROM OTHER UNIVERSITIES PROVIDING ADVICE AND ASSISTANCE TO Wright State`s student legal services attorneys? Please visit the SLS Nation website for more information.