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Nov 28, 22

Renuncia Legal En Chile

Once you have the resignation letter, the procedure will be done online or at the office. Here are the steps to follow: The employer is required to pay compensation and be prepared to pay it within 10 days of termination, regardless of the reason for termination. If the letter of voluntary dismissal is not submitted in accordance with legal procedures, the employer cannot receive it as valid. The timing of announcing your resignation is important, as it gives the company the opportunity to open a vacancy and be ready for the proper functioning of the work protocol from the first moment of your absence. When writing your resignation letter, there are a number of tips you can take into account: they will take care of you personally and you will need to indicate the reasons that will lead you to resign. In addition, you will receive a letter of termination that you must sign and bring to your employer. Now that you know what steps to take to submit your resignation letter, consider the importance of professional advice to make notarization even easier. At FirmaVirtual, we can help you make all your procedures easier and faster thanks to the advantages of the simple electronic signature. The ability to leave the doors open in a company after termination is a good decision, as it gives you the opportunity to apply for a job again in the future. With good work experience, they might consider you. Standing in front of the computer and trying to write a letter to stop your work as a professional can be overwhelming. If you are empty, you can hire a qualified labor lawyer at Virtual Firm to prepare the letter within the legal parameters, allowing you to retire without difficulty.

Do you know how the voluntary resignation regime works in Chile? An employment relationship can be terminated by various legal forms, and this is one of the most common. Home » Blog » What you need to know about the voluntary resignation letter Check out the digital voluntary resignation quick guide to complete the process directly online. If you send your withdrawal by e-mail, it must also bear your signature. And for this you need an electronic signature, which can be very simple or advanced for these purposes. Home » Blog » What are the consequences if you, as an employee, voluntarily resign without the minimum 30-day anticipation? This document explains to the employer why the employee decides to resign and allows compliance with the provisions of the law on written notice, which must be given in the event of voluntary dismissal. The instrument is governed by articles 159, 2 and 177 of the Labour Code. Hi, I have a contract with Article 22 and I work more than 7 and a half hours a day and my boss tells me to submit my resignation letter because it suits him? However, if the employer believes that your unexpected resignation has caused financial harm, they can go to the civil courts to claim compensation. Do you prefer to use your mobile phone? You can also contact us via WhatsApp on +56 9 4522 7304.

For calls: +56 9 7563 5393. We also provide our email contacto@firmavirtual.legal If you have any doubts, labor lawyers are trained to carry out this procedure quickly and safely. You can always contact the professionals of Virtual Legal so that we can advise you and the process takes place within the appropriate legal framework. The letter of voluntary dismissal must indicate the reasons why the employee decides to terminate his employment contract, waiving the conditions that bound him to the organization. It allows, from that moment, to comply with the requirements required by law in terms of written and prior communication, which is mandatory in these cases. One of the things that worries you most when you file a request to resign is how much you will receive in compensation. If you are organized with your finances, you will be interested in knowing how to calculate the payment that is right for you. Because new technologies are an essential part of the communication process of companies. You have the option to declare your voluntary withdrawal in writing and by e-mail.

In the latter case, make sure you get certified online. It is important to submit the letter in writing and legally signed, otherwise the waiver will not be considered valid. In the event of a judgment in your favor, the judge will order the payment of compensation instead of prior and legal notification for years of service. These could be increased depending on the cause of the self-discharge. There is one aspect that must be very clear: any resignation is voluntary. It is therefore an irregularity that external pressure is exerted on the employee to make the decision to leave his job. Therefore, companies must ensure that they maintain a good work environment that avoids the exit of talent and the voluntary abandonment of employees from their work. Hello, if I submit my voluntary withdrawal, will only my stay be cancelled? What about years of service? In a voluntary termination letter, explain to your employer or company the decision to end the relationship. It is a formal and legal communication model where a certain amount of time is set to complete your duties. To complete this formality, you must contact a labour inspector. As well as the president of the union, the staff delegate or the notary, who signs the document confirming that your resignation is known. Hello! I have a question.

I announced my voluntary resignation 30 days (even more) in advance, but I made the resignation letter about 1 week before my retirement.