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in-home services for the elderly in kolkata and outskirts



Chess, cards, new hobbies, book reading, music, morning/evening walks, yoga etc

Technology Assistance

laptop, desktop, mobile phone, iPad, iPod, tablet, smart phone assistance, familiarization with internet, email, Skype

City Travel Assistance

doctor’s appointment, visits to friends and family’s homes, shopping, bank, post office, salon and just about anywhere.

Psychological counselling

DPP organized social gatherings

Visit to religious places

For members enrolled more than 6 months, long distance travel assistance

T&C apply

Car rental


household maintenance jobs: bathroom leak, broken light/fan etc

Medical Services

Emergency Services

Affiliation with top Kolkata hospitals

Doctor at Home

Geriatric Specialists & GP


Regular health monitoring

BP, Glucose

Post-operative care/rehabilitation

Nutrition advice

Help with understanding prescriptions / medical reports

Supervised & Secure Attendant service

Nurse at Home

Affiliation with well-known nursing centres in Kolkata

Affiliation with well-known Kolkata diagnostic centers

diagnostic tests with home sample collection where possible

DPP Privilege Card