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in-home services for the elderly in Kolkata, Delhi & Gurgaon
Mar 30, 15


It is a challenging task to offer the exact amount of love and care that a senior citizen needs. At times the caregiver succumbs to frustration, anger, stress and other negative feelings while caring for the elderly at home. Balancing your own life filled with domestic and financial problems and taking care for old people can get pretty rough off and on.
If the concerned elderly is suffering with dementia, it becomes a priority to ensure that the patient receives proper care and attention-if possible through professional assistance. However, you should talk it out with your aging parents (or any other loved one) who is a dementia patient, an find out what exactly he/she wishes prior to making any decision in this matter.
Ensuring Sufficient Care for the Dementia Patient:
If one of your aging parents has been diagnosed with dementia, you should first dedicate enough time to gain knowledge about the disease and its effects on humans. Find out about its progression with time and only will you be able to understand and be more patient with your parent while he/she suffers from dementia.
Do Not Think of Correcting Him/Her:
If your loved one is suffering with dementia, you should not try to make corrections. Make queries on simple matters even if the patient is making strange or false statements. This will spare both of you from getting frustrated. Do not restrict the patient, but instead encourage hi/her to live independently as much as possible. However, you should take care that the loved one’s well-being and safety does not get compromised in any way.
Take Professional Assistance if Necessary:
Many a times you spend you entire day running errands, working, doing shopping, preparing meals, cleaning the house, taking your parent to meet the doctor’s appointment, and other chores that leave you with hardly any time for spending with him/her. To give your loved one quality time and to ensure that his/her everyday task is completed, you can resort to the services of a professionally experienced caregiver, who will spare you some time to interact with your loved one. You can find them offline as well as online but you should choose wisely.
DPP India has been credited with efficient care of elderly at home because it is backed by a team of experienced as well as enthusiastic caregivers. Deep Probeen Porisheba will leave no stone unturned to ensure that your loved one suffering with dementia gets the best care and support.