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Dec 12, 22

White Company Privilege Benefits

Studies of white privilege in Australia have proliferated since the late 1990s, with several books published on the history of how whiteness became a dominant identity. Farber and Suzanne Sherry argue that the proportion of successful Jews and Asians relative to the white male population is an intractable mystery to proponents of what they call “radical multiculturalism,” which they argue overestimates the role of gender and race in American society. [132]: 57–58 In 2003, Ella Bell and Stella Nkomo noted that “most race relations scholars welcome the use of white privilege.” [46] That same year, sociologists at the American Mosaic Project at the University of Minnesota reported that there was a widespread belief in the United States that “prejudice and discrimination [in favor of whites] create a form of white privilege.” According to their survey, this view was confirmed by 59 percent of white respondents, 83 percent of blacks and 84 percent of Hispanics. [47] Many scholars say that “whiteness” still corresponds to a number of social benefits in South Africa, and generally refer to these benefits as “white privilege.” The system of white privilege applies both to how a person is treated by others and to a range of behaviors, affects, and thoughts that can be learned and amplified. These elements of “whiteness” establish social status and guarantee benefits to some people without directly relying on skin color or other aspects of a person`s appearance. [11] White privilege in South Africa has small implications, such as preferential treatment for people who appear white in public, and large effects, such as the more than fivefold difference in average per capita income for people identified as white or black. [93] Conservative author Shelby Steele believes that the effects of white privilege are exaggerated, arguing that blacks can wrongly blame their personal failures on white oppression and that there are many “minority privileges”: “If I`m a black high school student today. There are white American institutions, universities hovering over me to give me opportunities: almost every institution has a diversity committee. There is a thirst in this society to do what is right racist, not to be racist.

[159] [160] In William Miller Macmillan`s The Frontier and the Kaffir Wars, 1792-1836, he describes the motivation of African settlers to embark on the Great Trek as an attempt to preserve their racial privilege over the indigenous Khoisan people; “It was mainly land hunger and determination to maintain white privilege that drove hikers out of the colony by the hundreds.” The Cape Colony was administered by the British Empire.