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Work Legal Plans

MetLife Legal Plans provides employees with easy-to-use and cost-effective legal services at no cost to your business. With a legal plan, you can add real value to your benefits plan by giving employees access to lawyers for many common legal issues they face, from starting a family to buying a home to caring for aging parents. Since 1977, MetLife Legal Plans, formerly Hyatt Legal Plans, has been helping employees and families resolve legal issues by providing legal advice and representation through an easy-to-use and cost-effective legal plan. Today, we are the largest provider of legal benefits in the country. With an extensive network of lawyers, an award-winning client service team, and new digital solutions for legal requirements, we are proud to do our part to expand legal access for Americans. Take advantage of our free one-on-one legal consultations to have an initial conversation about a potential or actual legal matter, or to find a lawyer you feel comfortable with on a more important issue. Provide employees with easy access to legal advice for these important moments in life. A legal plan can help you at any stage of life, at no cost to you. Plans juridiques du groupe de MetLife Legal Plans, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. In some states, group legal plans are provided by insurance coverage signed by the Metropolitan General Insurance Company and Affiliates, Warwick, RI.

Not all services are available in all states. No services, including counselling, are provided for: 1) employment-related matters, including benefits or benefits; (2) matters involving the employer, MetLife and affiliates and plan lawyers; 3) matters where there is a conflict of interest between the employee and the spouse or dependants, where services to spouse and dependants are excluded; (4) appeals and class actions; (5) agricultural and commercial matters, including rental matters, if the participant is the owner; (6) patent, trademark and copyright issues; (7) costs and fines; (8) frivolous or unethical matters; 9) Matters in which a lawyer has a relationship with the client before the member becomes entitled to benefits under the plan. For all other personal legal matters, an advisory service is provided. Additional representation is also provided for certain cases. For more information, see your plan description. MetLife is a registered trademark of MetLife® Services and Solutions, LLC, New York, NY. Tom and Linda hadn`t given much thought to the importance of legal coverage until one of their children was involved in an unexpected accident. We take the utmost care in resolving your legal problems. Our Client Service Center is consistently recognized by the American Business Awards for its world-class customer service, and our network of lawyers includes carefully selected professionals with an average of 25 years of legal experience. Legal plans operate autonomously, but also complement other MetLife benefits such as pet insurance, vision, dental care, and critical illness.

From start to finish, MetLife is committed to your success. Consolidating multiple product offerings with a single carrier optimizes the end-to-end service experience and creates valuable administrative efficiency for customers. Our plans include money matters, home and real estate, family and personal matters, civil lawsuits, estate planning, immigration assistance, document preparation, senior care issues, traffic and traffic accidents, and more. In addition, we seek improvements that include the legal needs of all our members. Legal advice on an unlimited number of personal legal issues by lawyers with an average of 22 years of experience. You can also visit the Covered Services section to see examples of legal issues covered. We empower our employees by providing protection every step of the way. For competitive monthly costs, MetLife Legal Plans offers the financial security that comes with knowing that a lawyer will help you with your legal problems. Employees have unlimited access to a network of more than 18,000 qualified and experienced lawyers who help them manage simple and complex legal files. Plans include employees, their spouses and dependents.

MetLife Legal Plans is the market leader in group legal plans, serving more than 3,000 organizations. This includes more than 200 Fortune 500 companies®, all major accounting firms, and the world`s largest consulting firms. We have an excellent track record of serving our sponsors and their employees. According to a recent survey of our legal plan sponsors, 99% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the legal plan, and 93% said the legal plan was very manageable.2 Yes, we can customize legal plans for groups of 3,000 or more eligible employees. Get legal support to protect and grow your business through document review, debt collection and more. 2. Discounted Legal Plan: Employees benefit from discounted hourly rates for legal services provided by licensed attorneys. We have worked with law firms in the United States that have experience in almost every area of law. You can consult your LegalShield provider on many common legal issues and they will work diligently to find a solution. Delve deeper into some of the most common practice areas that your LegalShield firm can help.

Our work is critical to maintaining equity, and a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion is integral to the way we do business and serve our clients. We are proud to offer legal protection that improves outcomes for a diverse and intergenerational workforce. Legal regimes improve employees` quality of life by helping them overcome stress, security and financial worries, and by allowing employers to offer competitive benefit packages that attract future talent. 80% of employers said that one of the main benefits of a legal regime is access to above-average legal services.1 Legal protection insurance helps your employees resolve legal issues faster and less stressful, making them more productive and happier at work. Contact us for more information. “Fully covered” means that all legal services related to the covered case will be paid for by the legal regime if you use a lawyer in the network. There are no copayments, deductibles or claim forms if you use a network lawyer. You are also entitled to advice and guidance on matters that are not fully covered by the plan, as long as they are not excluded. (See Terms of Use for a list of excluded questions.) If you are considering subscribing to the legal plan offered by your employer, visit our information centre. Your human resources or benefits department may provide you with an access code to register.

Legal fees can occur at many stages of life. Legal expenses insurance is the best way to protect yourself against planned and unexpected life events. Time is something we can`t get back, so it`s worth asking a lawyer to deal with these issues for you through a legal plan. Live more, worry less. 1 Average monthly rate for MetLife Legal Plan. Average hourly rate of $370.00 based on years of legal experience, National Law Journal and ALM Legal Intelligence, Law Firm Industry Survey (2018). 62% of adult workers have been involved in a legal issue in the past three years.3 Over the past 49 years, we have worked to build long-term partnerships with high-quality law firms in the United States and Canada. Whether you have a personal legal problem, need help starting your business, or just want expert advice, our network of lawyers is here to help. No hourly fees. No holdbacks. Only legal answers when you need them most. For less than a dollar a day, you can get excellent legal protection from qualified lawyers in your own community.

We are legal protection for Texans, by Texans. Our nationwide network of over 18,000 pre-qualified and experienced lawyers means your employees have a close lawyer to help you with your legal affairs. If an employee uses a network lawyer for the covered services, all attorney fees are covered by the legal plan. Advice and advice on an unlimited number of personal legal matters is also included.