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in-home services for the elderly in Kolkata, Delhi & Gurgaon
Mar 30, 15


Taking care of the elderly people in home is becoming increasingly difficult for the members of the family. With kids, jobs and their own priorities in life the family members cannot give adequate time and companionship to the elderly people. Moreover, it is not always possible to provide the level of care and commitment the aged people need. A need for specialized care becomes essential to keep the elderly people in sound health and spirits. With quality and professional care in home or in facility placements, the elderly will be able to get the much needed care and assistance along with love and support from the family.
Various professional care services are helping senior citizens with basic care and medical care services. There are generally two types of professional care services, one is the home health care and the other is facility placement. The home health care services will provide all assistance in the cozy comfort of the home. But in facility placements the elderly people are required to be shifted to some other place for comprehensive care and assistance.
The home care services enable the elderly to remain in home enjoying the familiar surrounding they are accustomed to. They can also get the family members by their side. They can sit on their favorite chair, access the kitchen, watch from their balcony, play with their grand-children, supervise the garden plants, meet friends and relations and can do many other things that are not possible in facility placements. The elderly people will have freedom to do what they like and this will give them the zest to live. They will be able to access control and will lead a very happy and independent life.
Facility placements on the other hand can have a negative impact on the mind of the elderly. Isolation from the home environment and separation from their personal belongings and loved ones can affect them psychologically. They may feel lonely, depressed and helpless in facility homes. Sometimes they may not be able to cope with the environment of the new place and can have various health problems.  Home care services have professional caregivers and elder care specialists who will come to your house and treat your aged family member with due care and respect. They will be taking care of the aged by staying with them, by giving them company, by conversing with them, by doing their daily chores, and helping them take medicines and food in time. DPP India or Deep Probeen Porisheba is a reputable agency that offers premium home health care services tailored to meet your need.