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in-home services for the elderly in Kolkata, Delhi & Gurgaon
Mrs. Bithika Bhowmik, Age: 70, Salt lake, Kolkata


As a home maker I often have to juggle conflicting demands inside and outside the house. On all such occasions I have found Deep Probeen Porisheba very helpful. The agency personnel are always warm, courteous and are willing to go the extra mile whether for a family emergency or just routine work. They have truly become a source of support for me. I wish them all the best in their project.  (translated from Bengali)

Miss Jaysree Paul, Age: 77, Amherst Street, Kolkata

Retired Government School Teacher

Deep Probeen Porisheba is not an organization which is only in pen and paper. Genuinely, in the true sense of the term the Organization provides service to senior citizens. I am a member of Deep Probeen Porisheba and I receive a lot of support from them. In times of dire need, they are by my side. All the staff are congenial and cordial. I never feel alone or helpless because I know they are there for me. I pray to God for the success and growth of the organization. (translated from Bengali)

Mrs Manju Banerjee, Age 65, Amherst Street Kolkata,


It has been a wonderful experience to be associated with Deep Probeen Porisheba. With their support I spend my days worry free. The staff is well behaved and courteous. The organization is functioning well and is providing a great service to society. (translated from Bengali)